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PashuBoli The backbone of our motherland

The advancement of the rural sector of India has always been the priority of our country but no such efforts have ever been made. Fortunately now India has one-stop solution for the upliftment of rural sector and that is PashuBoli. It’s an app that works for the betterment of the rural sector of India with a promise to bring back smiles of the farmers. Be it knowledge on seeds, irrigation, Latest tools and technology, cattle breeding, cattle trading, veterinary help, PashuBoli is here.
At PashuBoli, we have observed that, since a long time, the farmers of India have been suffering from three main problems.

PashuBoli strive to help farmers to overcome three major problems:

Lack of capital

It is said that it’s not the plan that fails, but it is the lack of capital that makes the plan fail. The success and ultimate failure lie on this. The same thing goes with the farmers. Due to various unforeseen circumstances, the farmers lack capital for their next phases which ultimately create problems for them.

Lack of knowledge

The concept of seesaw applies here. The less information you have, the more vulnerable you are to yourself initially and then to others. This is what happens when farming is started without knowing the forecasting and other vital “to know” points.

Lack of courage to take risk

Risk is a very critical factor for one when he is investing into something. Especially if the one is farmer and that something is farming. Lack of knowledge holds back the courage to take risk.